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Why Edmundston?

The City of Edmundston is currently the six biggest in population with 16 580 citizens (Statistics Canada 2016), representing over 51% or the population of Madawaska County. Edmundston is also the main economic hub of Madawaska county and North West New Brunswick. Because of its proximity of the Bas-Saint-Laurent (Province of Quebec) and the State of Maine more than 100 000 citizens live within a 100-kilometer radius. Because of its central location in Eastern Canada, Edmundston is a strategic, promising and must-see destination.

The city of Edmundston has several facilities that can accommodate you no matter what type of event you want to organize.

Did you know that ...

Thru its Development service the City of Edmundston proposes a generous support to organizations program. The program’s goal is to recognize the added value of organizations on its territory and supports initiatives and groups that promote commitment, volunteerism and partnership.

To learn more about the program we strongly suggest you visit the City of Edmundston’s website, Click here!

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events and initiatives that take place in Edmundston.

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