Downtown Edmundston

Historical Facts

Downtown Edmundston is well renowned for its cathedral and historical churches. Take time to visit the Immaculate Conception Cathedral on de l’Église Street, a splendid temple representative of both Gothic and Roman architectures. On the other side of the Madawaska River is the church Our Lady of Sorrows where you can see the Way of the Cross carved in wood by artist Claude Roussel.


Did you know?

Did you know that at City Hall, on Canada Road, you can admire “Life in Madawaska 1785-1985”, an historical fresco painted by Claude Picard and unveiled during the bicentennial of the first settlers’ arrival in the region?

Did you know, that on de l’Église Street is also found St. John the Baptist Anglican Church? Built in 1873, it has been designated “historical site” like St. Paul’s United Church, on Canada Road, which was built in 1891.


Historical Facts

Edmundston is Madawaska’s main business and service centre. It is also its most populous city.

In early settlement days, Edmundston was called “Petit-Sault” (small falls). The old blockhouse “Petit-Sault”, at the confluence of the St. John and Madawaska rivers, then served to protect the territory.

The city is named after a former governor of New Brunswick, Sir Edmund Walker Head, who, in 1856, visited the Madawaska region.

Before the arrival of the first settlers, Amerindians called this place “Madoueskak”, meaning “land of the porcupines”.

In 1917, Fraser built a pulp mill here and, in 1925, a paper mill across the river in Madawaska, Maine. Some two kilometres of pipelines, carrying steam and pulp, link the two border mills.


Did you know?

Did you know that at the heart of the city sits a beautiful 18-hole golf course, known throughout the Maritimes for the quality of its greens and fairways?


Itinerary Suggestion

  • Start your day with an 18-hole game of golf at the Edmundston Fraser Golf Club
  • Have lunch in one of the town’s restaurants
  • Go back in time at the Madawaska Historical Museum
  • Take a hike in the Prospector’s Trail