December 4 20h00 - 23h00
Edmundston Arts Center
82 canada

LA PATENTE was born during the pandemic, when four buddies from the Madawaska area who had already proven themselves as musicians decided to form a band and write and record songs. The result is a 100% Brayon album, unfiltered, with various influences: country, cajun, folk, blues and even punk rock in some respects.

Entitled "L'ILLUSION D'LA PERFECTION" (The Illusion of Perfection), the album includes 11 original songs written by MARC COLECCHIO (lead singer, guitar). MATHIEU ÉMOND (banjo, vocals), MARC-ANDRÉ GODIN (upright bass) and CHAD RITCHIE (drums) also composed the music and perform as well. JEREMY OUELLETTE (drums) will be on tour with the band for the launch. The album was co-produced by MATHIEU ÉMOND and MARC COLECCHIO. It was recorded in Mathieu's studio in Fredericton, where he also did the arrangements and mixing.
The songs are all inspired by the band members' personal stories, their region and current events. Musical influences range from the Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project to Plume Latraverse, Cayouche, Canaille, Gros Mené, Lisa LeBlanc, Thomé Young and even Les Colocs. "It's about the ordinary man and his demons. People tell us that when they listen to us, it's as if they've known us for a very long time.” - La Patente

The launch tour includes three stops in New Brunswick. The album will be available the night of the show.

In response to the public health measures required by the province of New Brunswick, the following guidelines will be applied during performances and workshops presented by the Edmundston Arts Centre.
1. Proof of vaccination with identification (must include a photo).
2. Hand disinfection.
3. Wearing a mask at all times indoors, except when sitting down to eat and/or drink.
4. It will be allowed to eat and/or drink while standing and momentarily lowering the mask.
Thank you for your cooperation!

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