November 26 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Salle Léo-Poulin
300 Martin Street, Edmundston, NB E3V 0G9
Paid event

Have you seen my poster!? I look great right?... No Photoshop, no retouching... Just a P-A MÉTHOT happy to present you my new show Faire le beau. For the occasion, this is what I did! As my mother would say: "He's dressed like a nice clean little guy!” Nowadays, with everyone putting their best face forward on social media, posting their best profile picture and only their best photos, we quickly get caught up in the game of life as it unfolds. Then you start doing weird things like embellishing your résumé, bragging about your knowledge of wine or the benefits of yoga and telling anyone who will listen that you eat vegan or do Crossfit. We put on airs, we strut our stuff and, why? Only to: To look good... (Faire le beau)

Well, I, my friends, don't care!

P.S. ̶ I don't care... but I must tell you that I am extremely proud and grateful that more than 300,000 of you have seen my first tour and, you can count on me, I have something even MORE BEAUTIFUL in store for you! I'll see you in this brand-new show, with new stories, new anecdotes... but with the same guy telling jokes as in the other show before.

Show • humor

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