Québec Issime présents :  De Céline à la Bolduc

Québec Issime présents : De Céline à la Bolduc

May 15 20h00 - 21h00
Jean-Daigle Centre
85 rue du 15 aout, Edmundston

From Céline Dion to la Bolduc is a journey to the heart of our musical history. The show acts as a time machine and brings you on a voyage to see and hear pivotal musical moments in Quebec's history. It will take you to the Bell Centre, and to the good old days of the Spectrum and the Forum; to the epic concerts at Mont-Royal and small music halls. You will see all the monumental locations where our musical history took flight. On stage, you will see 20 performers, singers, and dancers pushing the limits of their art forms in this fiery performance of 110 songs and 400 costumes. Performed for over half a million spectators all over Canada and the World, THIS is a must-see show.

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