The "Danseurs du Madawaska" in show!

The "Danseurs du Madawaska" in show!

May 28 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Maillet Centre
12 Ben-Martin Ave, Saint-Basile, NB E7C 1E4

The troupe promotes traditional and folk dance in our region. Established in the 1960s by Sister Henriette Raymond (RHSJ) as "La troupe Folklorique du Madawasaka", succeeded by the troupe "Danseurs d'la Vallée Saint-Jean", directed by Richard E. Therrien and in 1994 became "Les Danseurs du Madawaska". The troupe therefore perpetuates the remarkable work accomplished over the course of five decades by several well-known figures in the Madawaska cultural landscape. 

Mainly made up of Acadian, Quebec and Irish jigs, our repertoire also includes international style dances (Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine and Israel), as well as a small presentation of the troupe's history. 

In partnership with the Edmundston Madawaska Tourism Office and the Maillet Centre, the "Danseurs du Madawaska" invite you to their not to be missed end-of-year show!

Free for children 6 and under. 

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