"The Path" by Teku Syndrom EP Launch

"The Path" by Teku Syndrom EP Launch

May 26 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Edmundston Arts Centre
82, Canada Road, Edmundston, NB E3V 1V5

Teku Syndrom is a group based in Edmundston, New Brunswick, who is currently riding the success of its debut single Help Me Grow. The 5-member brings together their influences -ranging from GnR to Blondie, to Iron Maiden-  to form their own soaring, surging brand of rock.

Named for the state of mind lead guitarist Eric "Raz" Toussaint enters when songwriting with his trusty Teku glass in-hand, Teku Syndrom features the brilliant voice of lead singer Teresa, along with Raz's own scorching lead work. Jamy (drums) and Tony (bass) lay a technically strong foundation inspired by their prog and metal roots. Eric N completes the line-up on rhythm guitar.

The band's debut single Help Me Grow was released in May 2022 and quickly worked its way up numerous online charts and also hit #3 on Valley FM 89.5 Sweet Sunday Sound's on Australian radio. The powerful ballad captures the emotions surrounding Raz's daughter's gender transition, delving into how she reached out to her family for support throughout her life-changing and inspirational journey.

Presenting their debut EP, ''The Path'' along with some of their influences, Teku Syndrom will offer a great night of rock. On this new EP, Teku Syndrom's writing has gathered momentum, gaining power and intensity. Blistered, Battered, Shattered, the current radio single is a no-holds-barred guitar-driven rocker, complete with a blistering guitar solo. Lost kicks and punches as a bold mid-tempo rocker. The Path… yours to discover.

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